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Celebrating 30 years of Women in Rotary
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1st & 3rd Thurs - Cancer Society
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2nd & 4th Thurs -EACC,Tarpum Bay
Eleuthera,  0000
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Our Club Welcomes You....
Words of wisdom from Sam Owori during during his acceptance as RI Prisident Nominee 2016.
RI President Sam F. Owori died Thursday, 13 July. PE Owori’s term as Rotary’s 108th president would have begun on 1 July 2018.

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Meet our new Presidents - 2 DYNAMIC LADIES!!
Left: Rotary Club of Eleuthera Sherrin Cooper. Right: Rotaract Club of Eleuthera President Ashley Hall. Eleuthera is proud to celebrate years of WOMEN IN ROTARY with two phenomenal women steering our Rotary Wheel!

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We, Rotarians work in this Five Avenues.


The term " Avenues of Service" is frequently used in Rotary literature and information.

The "Avenues" refer to the elements of the Object of Rotary: Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, International Service and the Fifth Avenue of New Generations.

Although the Avenues of Service are not found in any formal part of the constitutional documents of Rotary, the concept has been accepted as a means to describe the primary areas of Rotary activity.

1."#ClubService" involves all of the activities necessary for Rotarians to perform to make their club function successfully.

2." #VocationalService" is a description of the opportunity each Rotarian has to represent the dignity and utility of one's vocation to the other members of the club.

3." #CommunityService" pertains to those activities which Rotarians undertake to improve the quality of life in their community. It frequently involves assistance to youth, the aged, handicapped and others who look to Rotary as a source of hope for a better life.


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President Sherrin Cooper closes out her first meeting with a group photo of attendees.This first meeting was a busy one for President She pinned her Directors who all gave a snapshot of their vision for 2017/18 in keep with both District and International themes. The various committees were identified and given their charge.  A visiting Rotarian for Norway and students from UWI were in attendance.

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Four students (Andrielle Etienne, Jsiah Joseph, Charlotte Rajkumar, and Jodi-Ann Williams),  from the University of the West Indies led by their lecturer Elizabeth Mackay of Jamaica are on the island for a hospitality internship by invitation of our partner One Eleuthera Foundation. These students hail from the countries of Guyana, Trinidad and Jamaica.  They are all place in tourism related businesses in South/Central Eleuthera.
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President Sherrin Cooper was please to welcome Rotarian Marcus Guigen of the Rotary Club of Flekkef Jord Norway. She was delighted to exchange trading banners with Rotarian Marcus and pin him with an official Rotary Club of Eleuthera pin.

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The Rotary Club of Eleuthera delegates took time out for a celebration photo during the cruise to Nassau Bahamas. These Eleuthera leading ladies were proud to celebrate 30 years of Women in Rotary on the cruise. L-R in photo: Club Secretary Sue Culmer, President Sherrin Cooper, Past President Jacquie Gibson, Past President Juanita Pinder and Past President Robyn Curry.

Rotarian Susan joined the Rotary Club of Eleuthera in 2012 under the Presidency of Rotarian Jacqueline Gibson. Her membership was proposed/sponsored by Charter President Shaun D. Ingraham. She served as club treasurer for three (3) consecutive years, and now holds the position of Secretary of the Club. She continues to attend our District Conference (7020) every year, and has attended is the holder of RLI certificates (Rotary Learning Institute) levels 1, 2 & 3, and has also trained at the post graduate level - Rotary Foundation. This hardworking energetic Rotarian lives by the motto "Service Above Self."  She held the position of Auditor for the island of Eleuthera for almost 25 yrs, and is now employed in the non-profit field at One Eleuthera Foundation.  


Message from President Sherrin Cooper

My Fellow Rotarians,
I am honored and humbled that you have elected me to serve as President of the Rotary Club of Eleuthera for the year 2017 – 2018. Our District Governor Robert Leger has chosen as his theme GROW STRONGER – SERVE BETTER.  Although our club considered to a strong club in District 7020 because of our past accomplishments, I challenge all of you to build on what already exists as we carry out the mandate of DG Robert to Grow Stronger and Serve Better!
Rotary International President (2017 – 2018), Ian Riseley’s theme is ‘ROTARY: MAKING A DIFFERENCE.’  His goals are focused on three major priorities of the RI Strategic Plan.  They   are to support and strengthen the clubs, focus and increase humanitarian service, and to enhance Rotary’s Public Image and Awareness.

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"Here we are at the beginning of another Rotary year. I look forward to serving as Rotary Public image Coordinator for Zone 34 and hope that I can work with all Rotarians to Make A Difference in 2017"....Sheila Bethel
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Sheila Bethel with President Ian Riseley in Evanston

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Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Every July 1, a Rotary Year ends and a new one begins. Around the world it is the change of leadership, the annual event where new leaders, men and women, take over at the level of the Clubs and also at the level of the highest spheres of our organization. Congratulations and our Best Wishes to the new Presidents as they take on the leadership of their club!

The International Theme for 2017-2018 is ROTARY: MAKING A DIFFERENCE. This year President Ian Riseley’s goals are focused on three major priorities of the RI Strategic Plan: Support and Strengthen the Clubs, Focus and Increase Humanitarian Service, Enhance Rotary’s Public Image and Awareness.


Presidential message

Ian H.S. Riseley - Rotary International President-elect 2016-17

Ian H.S. Riseley

President 2017-18

July 2017

There are as many reasons to come to Rotary as there are Rotarians – maybe even a few more. But each of us has stayed in Rotary because it adds something to our own lives. Through Rotary, we are Making a Difference in the world; and the more involved we become, the more of a difference Rotary makes to each of us. Rotary challenges us to become better people: to become ambitious in the ways that matter, to strive for higher goals, and to incorporate Service Above Self into our daily lives.

What kind of difference Rotary clubs and individual Rotarians make through their service will always be their own decision. As an organization, we are guided by the three strategic priorities our Board has set in our strategic plan: to support and strengthen our clubs, to focus and increase our humanitarian service, and to enhance Rotary's public image and awareness.

In the year ahead, our clubs will have the support of a greatly augmented array of online tools, including a refreshed Rotary.org, a simplified Rotary Foundation grant application process, an improved My Rotary experience, and a rebuilt Rotary Club Central. As we look to strengthen our clubs, two specific challenges stand out in our membership: our gender balance and our average age. To keep our clubs strong, we need to build a membership that reflects the communities we serve and that will continue to develop knowledgeable leaders for generations to come.


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Congratulations Charter President Shaun D. Ingraham on winning the Ministry of Tourism Cacique Award for Sustainable Tourism

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"A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman." —Melinda Gates.

April 8th 2017 marked our celebration of 30 years of women in Rotary and the work of the women in Rotary club of Eleuthera since its conception eight years ago. The men of the Rotary Club of Eleuthera made the commitment to celebrating this milestone in grand style with a banquet to honor the wonderful women of our club.


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Nurse Velleciea Rose-Douglas is the newest Rotarian in the Rotary Club of Eleuthera! She was inducted into membership tonight, immediately following her dynamic address on the topic of Maternal and Childhood Health to the club. She also spoke on  Child Protection on the island. Rotarian Velleciea is no stranger to the ideals of Rotary, as she was an active member of the Interact Club of St. Andrew's High School Nassau during her early teenage years. WELCOME ROTARIAN VELLECIEA!

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In recognition of Water and Sanitation month, a presentation of water was made, by President Colin Moss (right) to Rotarian Deborah Young-Fox Coordinator of the Junior Minister of Tourism Programme (center). Rotarian Sherry Fax (right) looks on.

PRESIDENT ELECT RETIRED NURSE SHERRIN COOPER - Rotary Club of Eleuthera Immunizing children with the Polio Drops while on mission to India
Rotaract President Shapreka Clarke also assists with the cause,  this is here second mission in a matter of months.

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A certificate of Appreciation was presented to Mr. Deangelo Pratt , student of CTI (Centre for Training & Innovation, in appreciation of his appearance as guest speaker at a club meeting during Vocations Service Month. He was interviewed "On The Set with Rotarian Nich"
L-R in photo: Rotarian Maisie Thompson,Mr. Pratt, Rotarian Susan Culmer, President Colin Moss, and PN Sandra Ingraham

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April 1st is National Immunization Day in India. President Elect Sherrin Cooper, and Rotaractors President Shapreka Clarke/PP Gaciinta experienced a large Rally/Parade held. They were proud to march through the streets in celebration (along with Indian Interactors). Even camels, pigs and cows were apart.
Many thanks to PP Mary Graves and OUR Sister Club - Rotary Club of Rancho Cotati for help make this India mission possible.

Hello my Fellow Rotarians and the Family of Rotary:
As February has come to an end I’ve been reflecting on what a great Month it was in terms on Rotary’s focus on Peace. Several clubs both in our District and globally made strong headway into our quest for a world at peace. Remember the deadline for the 2018-2019 Peace Fellow application is May 31.
There was also big celebrations for Rotary’s 112th Birthday on Feb 23. Let’s share what your clubs did using our District 7020 Facebook Page and Group so we can continue to expand the enthusiasm we have for Rotary with others.
Congratulations are in order for our January Club of the Month Winners – The Rotary Club of Savanna La Mar, Jamaica and the Rotary Club of Petionville, Haiti. Additionally, hearty congratulations again to the Rotary Club of Petionville, Haiti and in particular, President Jack Guy LaFontant, who has been selected to be the Prime Minister of Haiti. I am excited for the people and communities of Haiti, for Rotary in Haiti, and for Rotarian Jack Guy. His leadership, his values, and his passion to serve will be a beacon of hope, of goodness, and of Making a Difference as we all continue to Serve humanity.
Rotarian Quintin Carey addressed the club on Water and Sanitation. He is a leading expert in the field and is owner of popular water company Southern Pure. He addressed the dangers of water contamination and the 25 methods of water purification.


President Colin, PP Julian Carey, Rotarian Carl Ramnarine, Rotarian Joseph Cartwright and Rotarian Brian Carey, addressed the club in a session titled “Rotary Speaks.” The men were each asked to complete these three phrases as they spoke to the club:

I promise…

I pledge…

I commit…

Emphasis was placed on training, child rearing, being good parental examples and coaching/mentoring the next generation of leaders from their vocations or places of service.




After a particularly egregious act of violence at a local school led to one student being suspended and the other with an injury to the brain, Rotarian and Superintendent of Police led a contingent of officers to address the students of the school. Hoping that their intervention would prevent future occurrences of this type.



Mr. Zervas, showed a documentary at the weekly Rotary meeting on the state of boys from the perspective of girls. It was inspiring to hear young women articulate their sorrows but also their hope for their male counterparts. One young lady said, when asked what her message to young men would be, she would tell them to “Believe in Yourself”. The movie was also streamed live on the Facebook page for Rotary Club of Eleuthera participants and the link was extended to Rotary Clubs of the Bahamas to join the dialogue.


Immediate Past President Juanita Pinder
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IPP Juanita Pinder is a Charter Member of the Rotary Club of Eleuthera and served as Director of Public Relations, Club Secretary, and director of International Service. She now serves as Vocational Service and Service Projects Chair and is the third woman to serve as President of the club in 2015/2016. Under her leadership, the club received numerous awards at the district level After being involved in the sidelines of the Cancer Society Eleuthera branch for several years, Juanita was elected to the post of President in April 2009. She served with distinction for more than 5 years. 
IPP Juanita also served in various leadership capacities in the local congregation of Wesley Methodist Church, Cupid’s Cay, Governor’s Harbour such as Youth Leader, Sunday School Teacher and President of the Women’s Ministry. Because of her willingness to serve, and her administrative skills and training, she is currently serving as Church Secretary.
Together with her husband Roderick, she of Office General, is very thriving office and school supplies business. The operate two stores on the island.

Past President Robyn Curry

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Past President Robyn Curry is a Charter member of the Rotary Club of Eleuthera and has served in various positions, Community Service Chair, International Service Chair, President 2013 – 14, Rotary Foundation Chair & District 7020 Foundation Team.
She continues to be committed  providing support to  Rotaract, Interact and Earlyact clubs all in keeping with the Rotary District 7020 theme  during her tenure as President -“Engage Rotary, Change Lives.”
As a Retired Commercial Banker, PP Robyn was also instrumental in assisting with the establishment of (OECCU) One Eleuthera Foundation Cooperative Credit Union to assist with empowering residents of Eleuthera by promoting savings, shareholdings, financial services and counseling, and encouraging Eleutherans to become owners and operators of their own financial institution.


ROTARIAN IN THE SPOTLIGHT - President Elect Sherrin Cooper

Celebrating 30 years of Women in Rotary

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WE SALUTE Rotarian Sherrin Cooper, a Retired Senior Nursing Officer, has been a member of the Rotary Club of Eleuthera for the past eight (8) years. She has served with distinction in the capacity of Secretary and is presently our President Elect (2017-18). Although retired, her classification of Nurse/Health Care professional, permit her the opportunity to serve the community of Eleuthera in preventative care, which includes health education and Cancer society of Eleuthera Volunteer
As a Rotarian, she continues to submit her expertise in the health care in any program that our club is involved in. Rotarian Sherrin freely gives advice on matters related to health care and is always willing to render “Service Above Self”. She was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow as a result of her selfless service. This diligent, hardworking Rotarian inspires and motivates the next generation. PE Sherrin will be the 4th female Present of the Rotary Club of Eleuthera!


ROTARIAN IN THE SPOTLIGHT - President Nominee Sandra Ingraham

Celebrating 30 years of Women in Rotary

Rotarian Sandra Ingraham, served as Provisional President in 2009, and as a result of distinguished service, was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow and Rotarian of the Year in 2011.  She has served as Club Secretary for 3 years (2013/2014, 2014/2015, 2015/2016).   This hard working and diligent lady, comes to our club with a wealth of experience in the banking field, having served in this arena for eighteen (18) years.  She is currently employed as the Chief Financial Officer of The One Eleuthera Foundation, South Eleuthera Emergency Partner and Island Journeys, all non-profit organizations.  Having been involved with non-profits for many years, Rotarian Sandra has a great understanding of how these work and pays particular attention to being accountable to donors. 
This action oriented woman, has a knack for details and is very focused on getting the job done, above board every single time!  As a result of her classification and the job title that she holds, Rotarian Sandra is always willing to assist the community in the form of financial assistance given to non-profits.  No doubt her skills have been utilized in our club in the many positions that she has held including Club Administration.  Rotarian Sandra is a woman of integrity and exhibits professionalism in her vocation and has earned the respect of the community and her colleagues.
This Dynamic lady is elected to become President of the club (2018-2019)

Leading ladies of the Rotary Club of Eleuthera were pleased to welcome VP Jennifer Jones to our meeting. As we celebrate 30 years of WOMEN IN ROTARY, VP Jones brought much  excitement and cheer  with a dynamic overview of Rotarian Woman...Past,  Present  and our amazing future in Rotary!

L-R in photo: Immediate Past President Juanita Pinder, Provisional/President Nominee Sandra  Ingraham, Vice President Rotary Club of Windsor - Roseland, Ontario & RI Director Jennifer Jones, Past President Jacquie Gibson, President Elect Sherrin Cooper, Past President Robyn Curry


Currently, there are no mammogram machines on the island of Eleuthera. Women need to travel to New Providence for a scan at an average travel cost of $500. A needs assessment completed by Emory University's Global Health Institute indicated that there are 3,000 women over the age of 30 on Eleuthera who should be screened yearly. Due to underemployment, 57% are not able to afford to travel to New Providence for a scan. The Rotary Club of Eleuthera (RCE) has been working in partnership with One Eleuthera Foundation (OEF) and Cancer Society Eleuthera to secure a mammogram machine to be located in the Cancer Society Wellness Center (CSWC) on Eleuthera. Delivery of a machine, which was donated to the Bahamian Government by US Northcom, is tentatively scheduled to arrive at CSWC within the next few months. The mammogram machine will be the main component of OEF’s Eleuthera Imaging Program (EIP), which also includes securing an ultrasound machine.
Rotary Club of Eleuthera would like to partner with other rotary clubs in The Bahamas to help Rotary Club of Eleuthera  and One Eleuthera Foundation  achieve their funding goals for the BCOP portion of the EIP project. Suggested donation is $5,000 from each club that would like to participate.

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Celebrating Women in Rotary - Rotary Club of Eleuthera welcomes Jennifer E. Jones, VP, Rotary Int'l. Our Ms. Jones was engaging, dynamic  speaker at our meeting.  She laid a solid foundation for to club to build upon in recognition of RCE Women.

Rotarian Nicholette Duncombe  gave an enlightening presentation and vocational service to our Rotaract Club. Rotarian Nicholette reminded Rotaractors about the importance of ethical standards in our work place as well as our everyday life. The connect between vocational service and Rotary was also enlightened.

Rotarians and guests launched VOCATIONAL SERVICES Month with a dynamic young man Deangelo Pratt, Landscaping student of CTI, Rock Sound. This young man inspired the audience with his story on how being a student of CTI has given him a new lease on life. 
For the occassion, Rotarian Nicholette Duncombe conducted a talk show style session, “On the Set with Nich”, Mr. Pratt’s family and friends. Audience members interacted enthusiastically with Mr. Pratt and participated fully in the at times teary interview. It was heart-warming to hear Mr. Pratt share how being given the opportunity to pursue a vocation (landscaping) has changed his life and the lives of his family for the better. Mr. Pratt plans to start a landscaping company after his tenure at CTI. It is riveting to witness in action the truth of Rotary’s guiding principles which emphasize the importance of work

Attorney Bethel presented on how the legal profession and Rotary’s ethical standards align. She spoke on the principles of fairness, truth and integrity in vocational service at the third club meeting of the month. She is presented with a certificate of Appreciation by Rotarian Sherry Fax (R)

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President Colin Moss attended the School Assembly at Central High School, to make a check presentation to Principal, Mrs. Marie Galanis, Advisors and Interact Club Board of Directors headed by President Goshon Rahming. The funds will be used to purchase materials for Lunch Benches for the School. The The CEH Interact Club is excited and can't wait to commence the bench construction, for the benefit of their entire student population.

Twelve (12) newest members of Earlyact Club of Deep Creek Middle School (DCMS) were welcomed to the Rotary family in a Pinning Ceremony and Certificate Presentation. RCE acknowledges and appreciates the ongoing leadership and support by advisors, parents and guardians of DCMS!

President Colin Moss attended the School Assembly at Central High School, to make a check presentation to the Principal, Mrs. Marie Galanis, Advisors and Interact Club Board of Directors headed by President Goshon Rahming.  The funds will be used to purchase materials for Lunch Benches for the School.  The CEH Interact Club is excited and can't wait to commence the bench construction, for the benefit of their entire student population.

Happy New Year my Fellow Rotarians,
2016 really flew by quick. We’re now into a new year and like every new year it brings hope and dreams and goals. I truly wish you and your loved ones an amazing 2017.
By the end of 2016 I was also able to complete all the club visits and got home to spend time with my family.
We’re now into the second half of the Rotary year. A big shout out to the Club of the Month winners for December – Rotary Clubs of St Croix, St Maarten Midisle, and East Nassau. Great stuff!
January is Vocational Service Month. And it is also when we also recognize Rotary Fellowships. I am quite passionate about both Vocational Service in Rotary and the various fellowships that Rotary has for all of us.
I love the fact that we are all classified into Rotary – I love the fact we all bring something to the table – we are all good at something – we all have some skillset we can use to help those less fortunate through Rotary Projects.
The founder of Rotary, Paul Harris, said, “Of all the one hundred and one ways in which men can make themselves useful to society, undoubtedly the most available and often the most effective are within the spheres of their own occupations.” Vocational Service is the means for Rotary to develop and support Rotarians as they apply the ideal of service in their occupations. Vocation is the essence of Rotary. This is why Vocational Service is referred as the bedrock and the shining principle of Rotary”
I often use this analogy to describe the avenues of service and more specifically to explain the importance of Vocational Service:
So Think of a Tree. A Rotary Tree - the root is Club Service, the trunk is Vocational Service, the branches and leaves are Community Service and International Service, and the flowers and fruits is The Rotary Foundation & Youth Service.

In an interactive presentation, Rotarian Nicholette Duncombe, drew meeting attendees into learning more about diabetes statistics, risk factors and prevention. Rotarian Nicholette was able to share a lot of valuable information with Rotarians during her dynamic interactive presentation.

L-R: Rotarian Sherry Fax, PP Robyn Curry, PN Sandra Igraham, CP Shaun Ingraham, Rotarian Sue Culmer, PP Jacqueline Gibson and IPP Juanita Pinder.
These Rotarians took time out for a photo moment after the event.
RCE partner the Cancer Society of Eleuthera’s began the festive season on the island with Annual Music in the Garden and Tree Lighting. Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors and EarlyActors were all in attendance to celebrate and support cancer prevention, and celebrate our many survivors 

Cancer society Administrator Chinnici McDonald
Pres. Shapreka Clarke
Guest speakers at a Rotary meeting were Rotaract President & One Eleuthera Foundation Community Outreach Assistant Shapreka Clarke and Cancer Society of Eleuthera Administrator Chinnici McDonald. In their presentations, they dispelled myths and educated the club’s membership on the causes, prevalence and healthy living for the prevention of breast cancer. With The Bahamas having a higher prevalence of breast cancer, lower age at diagnosis and more advanced stage at diagnosis than the US.

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President Elect  Nurse Sherrin Cooper, lead Rotarian on the month's activities under DISEASE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT - Speaking on WORLD AIDS DAY "Ending HIV/AIDS by 2030"
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An essay competition was held among three of the High Schools on the Island on the topic HIV/AIDS Preventation & Treatment. Jerrimia Seymour, Interactor,  and student of Central Eleuthera High School, winner of the competition on HIV/AIDS - Presenting her winning entry to Rotarians at the club meeting.

Rotaract Club of Eleuthera Presentation - World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day. Today is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died.

There are currently 36.7 million people living with HIV today.

For more information about this day and how you can help go to the website: https://www.aids.gov/news-an…/awareness-days/world-aids-day/


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The newest member of our club, Rotaractor Andrew Hall, inducted as a Rotarian by Membership Chair, Rotarian Glenda Johnson and proposed by his brother, Rotarian Robert Hall. His wife, Rotaractor Ashley Hall, President Elect of the Rotaract Club of Eleuthera and President Shapreka Clarke and members support. Andrew became the youngest member of the Rotary Club of Eleuthera, and is the first to hold membership as Rotarian and Rotaractor.  This dynamic young man has plans to be the greatest supporter of his wife Ashley when she takes over as President of the rotaract Club for 2017-18!

The month of December, focus is on Disease Prevention and Treatment. As part of the month of activities, The club partnered with other stakeholders to stage a series of Health Fairs on the island, as it has become a matter of concern for the government that one in three Bahamians suffers from one or more chronic diseases, such as hypertension, ischemic heart disease and diabetes.  Free medical screening and health consultations was available to the general public.
The prevention of disease today is one of the most important factors in line of human endeavor….Charles Mayo

The Rotary Club of Eleuthera, presents a generous donation to pay for a shipment of building materials to aid in the restoration of the island of Andros, an area in the Bahamas hard hit by Hurricane Matthew. L-R in presentation photo: Rotarian Sheryl Fax, President Colin Moss, Businessman Addison Cooper, President Elect Sherrin Cooper and Club Treasurer Rotarian Susan Culmer.

A free breast cancer screening programme for thousands of at-risk women on Eleuthera, Cat Island, Long Island and Exuma will launch in early 2017. The programme is a partnership between One Eleuthera Foundation, Cancer Society of The Bahamas, Cancer Society of Eleuthera, and Rotary Club of Eleuthera. It will provide mammography and ultrasound screening, Cancer Society of Eleuthera is leading the programme and screenings will take place weekly at their Wellness Centre in Palmetto Point. 
Rotarians and Rotaractors and their families supported a fundraiser for South Eleuthera Emergency Partners (SEEP). SEEP is a Rotary/Rotaract partner which is the sole provider of emergency services for South Eleuthera. The event raised $1,800 with Rotarians making pledges after the event to bring the total raised to $2,000!

Interactors participated in a debate competition for high school students across the island under the theme “The Free Movement of People from Throughout the Caribbean will be beneficial for the economic, social and cultural development of The Bahamas”. Interact President Elect  Jerrimia Seymour(2nd R) stole the show and won the event’s first place prize!

Foundation Director Robyn led the Club in a spirited game of “Foundation Jeopardy”. It was Team Juanita against Team Sherrin under the auspices of Secretary & IPP Juanita Pinder and PE Sherrin Cooper respectively. The Teams competed in the following Foundation related categories: Polio, Foundation History, Grants and Foundation Giving, with Team Juanita snagging the win in a very close battle!

Rotaract President Shapreka Clarke and Rotaract IPP Kenwood Cartwright were sponsored by the Rotary Club of Rancho Cotati to visit Nigeria for ten (10) days in October. During our Club meeting, they regaled us with details of their trip to participate in the first West Africa Project Fair (WAPF) and shared a video depicting their activities including West African performances they enjoyed while in Nigeria!



Four-Way Test cards with Island School Students and Central Eleuthera High School Work Study Student, Katlin Walker and visiting students from the Island School. Membership Director Glenda Johnson also presented Four-Way Test cards to staff of the Governor’s Harbor Airport and Rotarian Deborah Young distributed Four-Way Test cards to  Ministry of Tourism BahamaHost as a means of displaying honesty and fair play to students wherever they go.


L-R:  Charter President Shuan Ingraham with Past Past President Julian Carey (Humanitarian Honoree) receiving his award from District Governor Haresh at Government house Gala
In celebration of his local and international service and giving,Past Club President Julian  is this year’s Rotary Clubs of The Bahamas Humanitarian Honoree. He was recognized at the annual Rotary Clubs of The Bahamas Gala Reception at Government House. PP Julian’s giving includes an exceptional donation which enabled thousands of children to be immunized against polio worldwide.

We welcomed two visiting Rotarians in the persons of Dr. Michael Schulte, President of the Rotary Club of Luedenscheid Germany, and Dr. Viola Stenser-Schulte, President of the Rotary Club of Luedenscheld-Zeppelin. They are Presidents of the oldest and youngest Rotary Clubs in their city of Luedenscheid (respectively)

Rotary Clubs of the Bahamas is offering you the opportunity to purchase a unique, limited edition crystal paperweight, in celebration of the Rotary Foundation's 100th Anniversary. We are only producing 100 and they are selling fast - 100th Anniversary/100 people/$100.


Looking back at the momentous 1917 Rotary Convention in Atlanta, it is difficult to see what could have been contentious about the words of then-President Arch C. Klumph: “It seems eminently proper that we should accept endowments for the purpose of doing good in the world.” Yet, at the time, support for the idea was far from unanimous. Some thought an endowment fund would create more trouble than it was worth. But Klumph’s idea received the support it most needed in the form of an initial donation of $26.50 from the Rotary Club of Kansas City, Mo.
Nearly 100 years later, we recognize Klumph’s idea as not only visionary, but revolutionary: It set in place the mechanism that allowed Rotary to become the vast force for “doing good in the world” that it is today.
In many ways, our Rotary Foundation is the foundation of Rotary as we know it. It has created a mechanism for cooperation and partnership among clubs and between Rotary and other organizations; it has enabled us to be ever more ambitious in our work and to reach for goals of historic proportions, such as the eradication of polio. It is impossible to quantify the good that has been done over the last century as a result of The Rotary Foundation. All we can know for sure is that Arch Klumph, if he could see it, would be proud.
Central Eleuthera High School (CEHS) partnered with RCE to conduct a half-day seminar under the theme, “Character Counts… Everywhere, All the Time” for its junior (7th, 8th & 9th grade) and senior (10th, 11th & 12th) students. President Colin presented on “Conduct”; PE Nurse Sherrin presented on “Stress Management”; Rotarian Nicholette presented on “Self-Image, Self-Esteem & Self-Care”; and Rotaractor Embri presented on “Conflict Resolution”. Rotarian & Superintendent of Police Christopher Wright organized for members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) to present on “Bullying”. Rotarians led spirited discussions and had students participate in related activities to ensure full engagement in the seminar.

In partnership with the Cancer Society of Eleuthera, Rotarians supported the planning & execution of “Walk for a Cure” in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Rotarians and Rotaractors also participated in the early morning event intended raise funds and galvanize community support around those affected by cancer.

Rotarians Jacqueline Gibson and Juanita Pinder, along with Friend of Rotary/Former Rotarian Elizabeth Bryan were judges for Eleuthera High School Debate. The topic was “Social Media and Social Networking Sites Have Had a Negative Effect in our Community,” They were presented with gifts of appreciation from the Preston Albury High School Debate Team.

Rotaract President Shapreka Clarke and Rotaract IPP Kenwood Cartwright travelled to Nigeria with a contingent of thirty-two (32) other Rotarians and Rotaractors from the US for ten (10) days to participate in the “West Africa Project Fair”. They participated in polio immunization activities as Nigeria is one of the last places on earth where polio remains endemic.

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July 2017
Five years since its debut, Rotary Club Central is getting a big upgrade
When we introduced Rotary Club Central in 2012, it revolutionized goal tracking and planning for clubs and districts — no more filling out paper club-planning forms or passing along boxes of historical club information every time a new leader took office. Rotary Club Central offered clubs and districts a quantifiable way to begin measuring local and global impact, specifically membership initiatives, service activities, and Rotary Foundation giving. But as with any technological advancement, in a few short years, Rotary Club Central began to show its age, and Rotarians took notice. They...
Rotary International Board adopts new zone structure
At its January 2017 meeting, the Rotary International Board of Directors adopted a new zone structure for Rotary clubs. Rotary bylaws require the Board to complete a comprehensive review of the 34 Rotary zones no less often than every eight years to ensure that each zone has an approximately equal number of Rotarians. The Board’s previous review of the zones occurred in 2008. The Board earlier approved the creation of three regional workgroups to develop rezoning proposals for Asia, Europe/Africa, and the Americas. These workgroups comprised one representative (either a current director,...
Centennial celebration honors 20 noteworthy global grant projects
Through The Rotary Foundation, Rotary members have supported thousands of projects that promote peace, fight disease, provide clean water, save mothers and children, support education, and grow local economies. We’ve also led the fight to eradicate polio worldwide. As part of our celebration of the Foundation’s centennial, we’re honoring 20 global grant projects with special recognition. Learn more about the projects using our interactive map.
Convention: Southern hospitality
The Atlanta Host Organization Committee is offering some good old-fashioned Southern hospitality at the Rotary International Convention from 10 to 14 June. It has planned a wide range of activities featuring everything from good food and music to inspiring tours of local landmarks. If it’s your first convention, these events are chances to meet fellow Rotarians from around the world, and if you’re an experienced convention goer, you can catch up with old friends. Hall of Fame baseball player Hank Aaron will host Rotarians for a “Strike Out Polio” night at the new SunTrust Park, where you’ll...
Member spotlight: The power of the press
When Teguest Yilma helped found the Rotary Club of Addis Ababa Entoto in 2002, she thought polio had already been eradicated from most of the world. But while Ethiopia had been free of the disease, Yilma was shocked to learn that new cases had started cropping up in surrounding countries such as Somalia. “I was thinking, it’s not possible, we can’t be free if the countries around us are not free,” she says. Yilma, the managing editor of Capital, Ethiopia’s largest English weekly newspaper, has brought a journalist’s skills to the fight against polio. She became vice chair of the Ethiopia...