Hurricane Dorian has devastated the lives and property of many.  Although the hurricane was one year ago the recovery process for many of those affected has been slow and painful.  A large number of persons displaced by Hurricane Dorian relocated to Eleuthera, however, many of them recently returned to their homes in Abaco.  This past year the Rotary Club of Eleuthera assisted the evacuees by providing food, water, clothing, hygienic items, furniture, rental, and financial assistance.  Many families still reside in Eleuthera and require aid.  One of the families that decided to make Eleuthera their home is a single mom and her three young sons. Rotarians saw the need to assist the single mother and her children.  A donation was made to the family including sheets, towels, water, toiletries, a mattress, clothing, and a propane countertop stove with propane.