Hurricane Dorian was one of the strongest tropical systems that impacted the Bahamas in September 2019.  The islands of Grand Bahama and Abaco were devastated.  The Rotary Club of Eleuthera (RCE) and the Rotary Club of Abaco (RCOA) partnered on a joint project to create furniture for at least six (6) families who lost their furniture, homes, and other personal belongings due to Hurricane Dorian. Rotary Club of Eleuthera Members and Local Carpenters/Contractors of Eleuthera volunteered and constructed six (6) dressers and six (6) nightstands.  The materials, primer, and paint were also donated,  and to The Rotary Club of Abaco (RCOA).  The role of RCOA was to prime/paint, select recipients and present the furniture.
Special thanks to Meadows Construction, Phil’s Woodwork, and Omar Rahming for assisting with the construction and PP Francisco DeCardenas/Bahamas Ferries for transporting the furniture to Abaco