Fellow Rotarians,

“In the promotion of international understanding and goodwill, one must remember it’s important to reach as large numbers as possible-non-Rotarians as well as Rotarians-and one cannot reach large numbers privately.” 
- Peregrinations, Vol II


This is a time to expand knowledge of Rotary and its activities among our membership and throughout the community. Rotary’s Five Avenues of Service are the philosophical and practical framework for the work of a Rotary club.

Vocational Service is the "Second Avenue of Service." No aspect of Rotary is more closely related to each member than a personal commitment to represent one's vocation or occupation to fellow Rotarians and to exemplify the characteristics of high ethical standards and the dignity of work. Programs of vocational service are those, which seek to improve business relations while improving the quality of trades, industry, commerce and the professions. Rotarians understand that each person makes a valuable contribution to a better society through daily activities in a business or profession. Vocational service is frequently demonstrated by offering young people career guidance, occupational information and assistance in making vocational choices. Some clubs sponsor high school career conferences. Many recognize the dignity of employment by honoring exemplary service of individuals working in their communities. The 4-Way Test and other ethical and laudable business philosophies are often promoted among young people entering the world of work. Vocational talks and discussion of business issues are also typical vocational service programs at most clubs.

Regardless of the ways that vocational service is expressed, it is the banner by which Rotarians "recognize the worthiness of all useful occupations" and demonstrate a commitment to "high ethical standards in all businesses and professions." That's why the Second Avenue of Service is fundamental to every Rotary club.

As we recognize this month, let us use our vocational diversity to bring Rotary awareness to our communities with special emphasis on our young generation.

What an inspiration it would be to see that bond of friendship and mentoring bridge the gap between us?

DG Patrick