Month of July 2020

Fellow Rotarians,

There is always excitement and intrigue at the start of the Rotary year. We remind ourselves of what we have done but also busy ourselves with plans of the many things we intend to accomplish. Our task is to maintain momentum and consistently execute. This year has educated us on one more reality; the need to be ready to pivot. We can remain confident that opportunities to serve will make themselves available whether we plan for them or not.

This year, by many, has been dubbed the “New Norm”. This is in reference, primarily, to the state of affairs produced by the Covid-19 pandemic. Although I subscribe to the notion that this is a New Norm, I believe that the new norm is in fact that when faced with a challenge that forces us to change, we can adapt and survive. That change does bring with it an opportunity to stretch our imaginations and design the unconsidered. It is a riveting time to be a Rotarian.

As you navigate possibilities, know that the Rotary machine is constantly upgrading in order to provide timely support and valuable information. Details that were once difficult to ascertain are readily available and easy to digest. Rotarians can now learn more and travel the world of Rotary on our virtual platforms. This year, you are encouraged to have your clubs not only engage the virtual environments but also to populate them with rich information. We want to know the things you are accomplishing, the inputs used to achieve them, and the benefits to communities based on the many projects you accomplish. These details help to remind the world of the value we bring.


The theme for this year is ‘Rotary Opens Opportunities’. This is first an acknowledgment of the access that Rotary provides to identify the many prospects for service. Additionally, it is a call to action for those who seek to create lasting change that benefits humanity. I know that we are up to the charge.

This year, we must fight against injustice and inequity. These may be couched as racism, illiteracy, classicism, gender disparity, poverty, disease infestation, or apathy. We will approach in love but with a determined stance. Let us be leaders on the right side of history, that seek to make our communities better as we embrace the opportunities we are exposed to. If we execute correctly, we will inspire, we will connect, and we will open the doors of opportunity.

Together, we will travel the steps that invite us to look deep within and exact courage to be better and to be bolder. As we do so, our forces combined will produce a prism that radiates a singular focused beam. Prepare yourselves for a remarkable celebration of oneness that is centered on service. In twelve months, we will invite you to once again reevaluate. What will your clubs look like and how satisfied are your members? What will the community remember you for? Whose dreams did you make real? I look forward to helping you answer each of those questions and extend your best wishes during this year.

Yours in Rotary Service,
Charles Sealy II
District Governor 2020-2021
Rotary District 7020