Dear Family of Rotary
As Carla and I sit here at the Rotary International Convention 2016 in Seoul, South Korea, in the company of Rotarians from across the Caribbean and the rest of the World, I cannot help but reflect that this is Fellowship month.  Fellowship was one of the reasons Rotary was established.  Fellowship is enshrined in the First Object of Rotary as “the development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service.”  Fellowship, camaraderie and relationships are what make all the good we do possible.  FELLOWSHIP IS THE GLUE AND THE NUTRIENT FOR SERVICE.
Just last month, we had the pleasure of hosting over 600 of you at our District Conference.  Your feedback indicates that you had a wonderful time.  I am grateful for the efforts of my Conference Committee – for their outstanding job in taking care of you while you were in Nassau.
As this Rotary year draws to a close, DISTRICT 7020 ROTARIANS SHOULD REFLECT WITH PRIDE ON THE GOOD WE DID IN THE WORLD.  WE HAD A SUCCESSFUL YEAR, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, A SIGNIFICANT YEAR.  This year we continued to tackle and execute impactful projects involving all areas of focus – water and sanitation projects, literacy programmes, health initiatives, feeding programmes for families and children at risk, economic and community development  undertakings, peace and conflict resolution endeavours and  disaster management and response schemes.   We executed sustainable projects that are important and significant for our several communities.

We met and EXCEEDED SEVERAL GOALS this past year.  We can objectively judge the GROWTH of our District on 3 criteria: more MEMBERS to execute more service projects, more GIVING to create opportunities for more projects and greater community VISIBILITY to enhance our image and facilitate Service.  With 96 new members (as at April 30, 2016 and growing), we currently have the SECOND HIGHEST growth in Membership in our Zone.   Several new youth clubs – Rotaract, Interact and Earlyact – were formed this year and the engagement of the sponsoring clubs is inspiring.   Our Foundation Giving is expected to surpass $300, 000 which would be the HIGHEST AMOUNT IN 10 YEARS!  This year, our website was revamped and made more interactive.  Our social media efforts escalated (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).  The introduction of a District hashtag (#unleashtheawesome7020) proved to be a good identifier for our clubs.  District 7020 clubs became quite visible on social media and our PUBLIC IMAGE improved.  The response, posts and comments from AROUND THE WORLD confirms this.  Consequently and effortlessly, our Facebook Community page finally exceeded 1000 likes (currently 1075) and our Facebook Group has 1341 members (more members than the entire Zone Group).
NONE OF THE DISTRICT’S GOALS COULD HAVE BEEN ACHIEVED WITHOUT THE EFFORT AND COMMITMENT AND DEDICATION OF ALL OF OUR ROTARIANS ON THE GROUND AND WORKING.  I thank those who shouldered additional responsibility to lead the way – especially Club Presidents and Secretaries, Assistant Governors and the District Leadership team.  Our job is to build on the accomplishments of the past.   I CONGRATULATE all of the District 7020 Rotary family - Rotary, Innerwheel, Rotaract, Interact, Earlyact, Rotary Community Corps - for moving District 7020 to HIGHER HEIGHTS.  You should be proud of your SUCCESSES this past year.  What we accomplished together is SIGNIFICANT.
Lastly, I THANK YOU for the opportunity to serve you as your District Governor.  Thank you for your support and for your dedication to Service Above ‘Self.    I expect and encourage you to give your support to incoming District Governor, Haresh Ramchandani.   We are an AWESOME District!  Carla and I will cherish fond memories of this year.  We have a Rotary Family for life.
Know that you are a Gift to the World.  Continue to move from SUCCESS TO SIGNIFICANCE.  Our communities and our nations are counting on us to make this world a better place.  #unleashtheawesome7020
Felix N. Stubbs
District Governor 2015 - 2016
Rotary District 7020