Posted by Jacqueline Gibson

Greetings to the fellow members of the Rotarians,

As we celebrate the month of the membership and development of the new club in August, I would like to remind you of the importance of membership and our members.
Our Rotary clubs are at the heart of the service of rotary and well-being in the world, and our members, you, our "people of action", are the most important part of our clubs. According to the words of the former President of Rotary International, Estes Snedecor, "the strength of rotary lies in the sincerity of the goal of its members". that's why I want to congratulate the members of our amazing district 7020 for the Meaningful work that you do in your community, in our region and all over the world.
Thanks to the collective work of our members through our clubs, we reach and save lives; we work to improve basic education and literacy; we help economic and community development, we work on prevention and treatment of Diseases, we help peace and prevention and resolution of conflicts; we help to provide drinking water and sanitation, we help to protect the environment lots more... Yes, fellow rotarians with the support of the Rotary International and the rotary fondationdu, thanks to our clubs and you, our members can change their lives.
Given the importance of membership, it is therefore no wonder that our rotary President, Mark Maloney, and many others before him, want us to advance rotary by increasing our strength, improving the retention rate of Our Club and the commitment of our members; and looking for opportunities to develop rotary through the development of new clubs.
In District 7020, the goal is to achieve a minimum net gain of 2 members in clubs with more than 15 members, and for clubs of less than 15 members of the district are encouraged to reach a Minimum of 15 members.
Some of the opportunities for the growth of the workforce are in our former students; some are found in the differences between the combination of businesses and professionals in our communities and those in our clubs; some are present at the rotaractors waiting To be invited to join a rotary club and others are members of the organization.
The growth of the strength through the development of new clubs in areas that are not yet covered by a rotary club, or new clubs with special attention / interest are encouraged. Let's also study the possibility of satellite clubs in areas where it is not easy to reach a complete club, but where there are rotarians who want to do good in the world.

Let's see now how we can really involve our members. Let's identify and develop more leaders in our clubs to serve at the club level and beyond. In this perspective, I would like to encourage our assistant directors to work with your clubs and the director of the District Rotary Leadership Institute, Mrs. Janice Rymer, to host a rli training in your area this year. And of course, I would like to encourage our members to participate fully when rli (Rotary Leadership Institute) is offered in your country. I have the pleasure to say that we have four countries that have already shown a strong interest in this regard. Members are also encouraged to follow some of the many online courses that can be found on the rotary learning centre at Statistics to show that a trained rotarian is usually a very committed rotarian. This will help us maintain and improve our retention rate. More importantly, committed rotarians will have more important and more efficient service projects.
As we seek to remain relevant to our communities and members, I would like to remind the presidents and board of directors that they must carry out an investigation into club health balance or member satisfaction and implement the changes Positive that could be the result of these surveys.
I would also like to remind my fellow rotarians that each of us is a "live" sign of rotary and that our actions and service projects that we carry out will have an impact on the public image of rotary. Let us therefore be copycats of the ideal of rotary, and the criteria of the four questions so that the others can be attracted to rotary.
Before I finish, I would like to remind members that the club of the month contest starts this august. We are doing a great job in our district, which we would like to highlight every month and share with the family of the district. Presidents and board of directors, your full participation will be highly appreciated.
I would also like to invite members to worry about the implementation of the district project - prevention and fight against diabetes nicknamed " my health, my life, stop diabetes now! Who's starting this month. It's an exciting program and that every member of the district 7020 can participate in this program because " Health rocks in 7020!
Can't wait to see you all during my next visits to the club. In the meantime, enjoy a month of membership and continue to do good in your communities and in the world.