Members of the Rotary and Rotaract Clubs of Eleuthera joined forces to assist in the improvements to the campus of Emma E. Cooper Primary School, Palmetto Point, Eleuthera.  This project was done in partnership with Meadows Construction owned and operated by Service Chair, Rtn. Audley Meadows.  The Principal, Mrs. Vernitta Thompson contacted our Club for assistance. 

 Emma E. Cooper Primary School is a part of the Rotary Family as our second Earlyact Club was formed at this school.  The Vocations and talents of our Rotary Family were on full display as bookshelves were constructed, painted, and installed in the classrooms.  Additionally, a key feature on the campus of the school is an area decorated with paving stones that is used for outdoor events.  This area became overgrown with weeds, Rotarians and Rotaractors teamed up to clean and remove weeds, brightening up the area.